Tricks for Pulling Baby Teeth

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If you have a child just starting to show signs of losing one or more baby teeth, you’re likely wondering how to deal with it. You’re not alone! Many people aren’t sure how to pull baby teeth when necessary. Our dentist, Dr. Chris Roberts, is happy to help you by giving you the tips and tricks you need. They can help you and your child have a positive and successful experience with the loose baby teeth! Those tips and tricks are:

-Let your child wiggle their tooth often. The more they wiggle, the easier it’ll be to pull the tooth. Once the tooth can move back and forth and side to side without pain, the tooth is ready to come out.

-Have your child bite into hard foods, like apples, hamburgers and carrots. When they bite into these foods, there is a chance the tooth will just fall out on its own! Just make sure your child doesn’t eat their tooth.

-When pulling the tooth from the mouth, grasp it between your pointer finger and thumb and a tissue. Then, pull the tooth with a gentle tug. If the tooth is resistant to come out of if the child cries out, it’s best to wait a few days. However, the tooth will typically just pop right out when you tug.

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