Oral Health Care Year in Review: Pediatric Dentistry

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When cleaning your teeth, it is essential to make sure you’re using the appropriate products and the appropriate treatments. However, your children will not be able to clean their own teeth, which means you’ll need to care for their teeth as well. For additional help with their oral health care, bring them in to visit with our pediatric dentist.

To make sure your child’s smile is given the care it needs, our pediatric dentist can focus specifically on their teeth and gums and use dental sealants, orthodontic care, x-rays, and fluoride treatments to ensure their smile has the best care possible. Our pediatric dentist is also highly effective in treating children who have issues or problems linked to thumb sucking, baby bottle tooth decay, and teething.

Pediatric dentistry specializes in oral health care for young patients, including for infants, children, and individuals with special needs. Pediatric dentists are highly skilled individuals that have received two to three years of additional training in addition to the general dental school. The additional coursework is designed to provide information to greatly enhance and protect your child’s smile. If you have a child, it is a good idea to bring them in to see their pediatric dentist before they are 1 year of age for a comprehensive oral examination of their teeth and gums.

To make sure your child’s oral health remains in excellent condition, please schedule an appointment with Green Valley Kids at our office in Denver, Colorado by calling us at 303-371-4485. Dr. Chris Roberts and our team will make sure your child receives the pediatric treatment they require.