Bringing the Tooth Fairy to Life With Letters

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Do remember trying to sneak a look at the Tooth Fairy when you were a child? Do you recall your excitement as you drifted off to sleep knowing that the fairy would pay you a visit? Perhaps now, you are the one trying to get in and out without being caught and trying to bring some magic to the children in your life. This can be a fun time in your life where your creativity can run wild to bring the fairy to life.

One way that you can do this for your child is to have the fairy leave a letter, along with the token of payment under the pillow. The letter could comment on the tooth’s quality, congratulate your child on this milestone or to offer words of encouragement and advice on their dental hygiene.

You can have fun decorating the letter by using free printable borders. Or you could also use glitter, leaving some loose to fall like “fairy dust” when the letter is opened. Can you picture your child’s excitement as they find their reward and a personalized letter under the pillow in the morning? You could encourage your child to write back, or to keep a “tooth fairy journal” where he or she can tell the fairy know what has happened their teeth since the fairy visited last. Doing this can enable you to have conversations with your child about why dental hygiene is important.

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